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Deep Scribe – AI Powered Medical Notes

I recently sat in on a demo of DeepScribe, which describes itself as an AI (artificial intellegence) powered medical notes system. The DeepScribe system listens in to the doctor-patient encounter in the exam room and takes that back-and-forth conversation and distills it into a SOAP note format that then can be imported into the EMR as an encounter note.

The technology is interesting to watch in practice and although the processing doesn’t happen in real-time, the demo I participated in, the software took about 5 minutes longer to complete the SOAP note.

DeepScribe leverages AI technology to parse out and reorganize the normal series of questions a physician typically asks a patient during an encounter and is advanced enough to be able to differentiate between the doctor and patient. A typical patient encounter line of questioning may go back and forth as follows:

Doctor: “So what brings you in today?”

Patient: “I’m having a sore throat and a cough.”

Doctor: “And how long have you had it for?”

Patient: “I think two days for the sore throat and the cough just started today”

Doctor: “any other symptoms like a fever or chills or wheezing?”

Patient: “I don’t think so…”

Doctor: “What have you tried for it so far?”

Patient: “Just some cold medicine I bought.”

and DeepScribe will process this conversation and return something like:

Patient presents with 2 day history of sore throat without fever or chills. Patient also states cough started today without wheezing. He has only tried over-the-counter cold medication.

DeepScribe will also record the physical exam as well as the assessment and plan as described by the doctor. The exam portion can use pre-determined templates and the doctor simply adds or deleting pertinent exam findings into the template.

The assessment and plan portion of DeepScribe can also be template-driven or AI-processed from the exam room conversation.

DeepScribe is HIPAA-compliant and works outside of the EMR so is not dependent on a specific EMR.

You can see a demo of DeepScribe here.

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John Martinez, M.D.

Primary Care Sports Medicine physician with an engineering background interested in digital health and technology solutions in medicine.

Assistant Medical Director, Ironman Triathlon World Championships (Kona)
Medical Director, USA Triathlon Paralympic Team
Medical Director, USA Blind Soccer and Goalball

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